The Inner Game Methodology

How to achieve high performance and enjoyment thru consistent learning from experience

Resultados normalmente são conquistados através de muito esforço, pressão e estresse. Seria possível alcança-los de um modo natural, preciso e harmonioso?

About The Program

The Inner Game concept was created by Timothy Gallwey – The father of modern Coaching. Since it’s creation, Tim has guided star athletes, sports teams, professional teams, leaders and Fortune 500 companies to achieve better results.

The Inner Game Methodology Workshop “Live and Online” was designed to present all concepts and pillars of The Inner Game approach.

One of then is based on the premise of we can achieve our best results when we combine in a single environment: Performance, learning from experiences and Enjoyment.

During this practical workshop you will have the opportunity to experience and learn how to deal with your work daily challenges, like that:
Conflict management (relationships, culture, leadership, ownership)

Work satisfaction (engagement, purpose, autocobrança, trust in yourself)

High Performance (Individual and teams potencial development and obstacles awareness)

Pressure and Stress Management (Self-Knowledge, empathy, Flow and Wellbeing)

Decision making process (choices, awareness, trust)

Nível de Resistência (Mudança, inovação, disruptura)

For decades, The Inner Game has been a secret weapon of high-performing individuals and teams. This deceptively simple practice of learning from experience is the key to growing while doing. Become more conscious. Tap into your inner intelligence. You’ll enjoy what happens next.

The most common barriers to reaching optimal potential are the ways we all interfere with ourselves; self-doubt, fear of failure, judgemental thinking, and confusion of goals. We tend to be our own worst enemies. Fearless focus is the key to an unobstructed life.

Learning and evolving are inherently enjoyable when impulses of self-interference are ignored instead of entertained. When you can work and play “in the zone” or “the flow,” you will naturally learn, and enjoy richly – human performance at its purest.

Who should attend this special weekend program?

There is no pre-requisite to participate and you can invite friends, relatives and your professional colleagues to participate. The Inner Game Methodology has benefited people of all walks of life, including managers, leaders and corporate employees insert of career and business development.

The program was designed to be practical and immersive. It is not about been taught. It is about learning from experience. We strong recommend the participants attend the workshop with video and audio capability.



Todos os Coaches e Líderes experientes que participaram nos últimos anos dos nossos programas foram unânimes – Inner Game é a essência do Coaching e da Liderança com foco na aprendizagem.


Os módulos Inner Game estão focados na aprendizagem por experiência. Aqui você pratica e usa as poderosas ferramentas do Jogo Interior e tira suas próprias conclusões.


Coaches, líderes e profissionais em geral reconhecem que mudaram sua maneira de pensar e agir após participarem de nossos programas.


Renato Ricci é o diretor e cofundador da TIGI The Inner Game Institute trabalhando com Tim Gallwey desde 2010. Ele foi o primeiro treinador aprovado para entregar os programas The Inner Game. Tem mais de 30 anos de experiência em liderança, coaching, mentoring e treinamento para grandes corporações.


Os alunos que participarem de três dias e concluírem todas as atividades propostas receberão um certificado emitido pelo TIGS.
Somente a The Inner Game School está autorizada a treinar e certificar profissionais na
metodologia Inner Game – desenvolvida por Tim Gallwey, o pai do coaching.

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